The virtual agency thrives

A couple of years ago a colleague and I started a virtual full service agency, Strategy Hub. At the time it was a reasonably new idea and we still find that people visiting the website ( are intrigued by the principle.

Under our virtual roof are experienced PR professionals and other experienced communicators, along with a range of other service providers. It works remarkably well.

Since the inception of Strategy Hub more and more virtual agencies have come into being - many focussing specifically on PR. It makes huge sense for both the consultant and the client. No-one is paying for staff or services they don’t need so all overheads are minimal. Clients are completely receptive to the idea that their account business is headed by one person - their main point of contact - but that some work will be subcontracted to another equally experienced professional. Day to day work can be undertaken by the account director whilst one or several others can be drafted in when large projects are in the programme. Outreach to other specialists - film-makers, designers, photographers, printers and so on - is seamless. Clients can choose to contract directly with individuals, or through the lead consultant. Either way, the cost remains the same.

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