Sorry, no salad, it isn’t summer

I happened to be in M&S in the Trafford Centre last Friday and, as I was with someone much older, aceded to her wish to have a cuppa and a bite to eat in M&S. The queue looked daunting, but in fact a smiley queue manager ensured we were seated in just a few minutes. I set off to collect our food and drinks, and headed to a chill cabinet emblazoned with the words ‘Sandwiches, Salads and Sweet things’. Great - pick up the sandwich for the older lady, and an M&S salad for me - just like I usually do in Chiswick. Except - where are the salads? I looked and looked but no sign - not even an empty facing implying that the hordes had got there before me. So I asked at the hot food counter if he could tell me where they were. ‘There aren’t any’, he said helpfully. I don’t eat bread or cakes or buns but, short of eating exactly nothing, I opted for a sandwich. At the checkout I asked the girl why there weren’t any salads. ‘We don’t have them at this time of year - only in summer’. I still haven’t quite got over that!

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