Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

That’s PR

The jury is out on the sagacity of spending our way out of a recession. No matter which view you take, there are some smart moves for your money which will put you ahead by a country mile when the climate improves.

Public relations grew up in the shadow of advertising and the old fashioned view is that it is still second-best - the poor man’s option, perhaps.

No matter how challenged your marketing budget, now could not be a better time to put your pounds into PR - an excellent investment when times are tough, and even when they’re not.


Well, take a handful of experienced independent PR practitioners such as those belonging to the PRI. Between us we have a rather frightening number of years experience in the communications industry. We’ve worked in marketing, advertising, promotions, events management. We’ve worked as external press officers. We’ve bought in design, print, photography. Written brochures, reports and magazines. In short, we’re an amazingly skilled multidisciplinary team used to working face to face with our clients, transparently and cost efficiently.

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