West London, a no-flyover zone

The BBC have given up including in their traffic alerts the daily gridlock that now subsumes much of west London . Yet those of us living in the area (Chiswick in my case) have had our daily lives totally disrupted for several months now by the part closure of the A4 Hammersmith flyover.
Last week was half term and the roads were noticeably quieter, but traffic was still awful in Chiswick. This week, with many schools now back, I was literally unable to turn out of my road yesterday morning (car essential on that day) and it took twenty minutes to cover the first mile. Buses are backed up - drivers are even opening the doors between stops now to let passengers alight. It’s hell.
So what on earth do the Olympic idiots think is going to happen during “The Games”? (I swear if I hear that phrase too many more times someone or something is going to get broken). The lane on the flyover will still be closed - for those who live out of our glorious metropolis the A4 is one of the main arterial routes into and across London and connects with Heathrow airport - and then we have the prospect of the ‘Zil’ lane, further reducing road capacity. Really and truly, most people that I know in west London know better than to try to use their cars unless unavoidable. So the conclusion is that traffic on the road today is there because it needs to be. I cannot begin to imagine the chaos that will ensue once “The G****” have begun. There simply isn’t room to close another lane, restrict turnings off and on, and expect that somehow suburban high streets such as Chiswick High Road will cope. They won’t. Boris is coming to our neck of the woods for a meeting soon. Pity he wasn’t trying to ride his bike along the High Road this morning. It might have given him more perspective than meetings ever will, though I suspect his welcome which will be less than rapturous may give him a clue.

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