The end of January - thank goodness!

 Got a call from Business Link yesterday doing a quick phone survey to see if the current economic situation had made an impact on my business. ‘No’ - or at least, ‘not yet’. And how did I see my business progressing this year - turnover down, stay the same or up? Definitely ‘up’ I said. And how did I plan to grow my business during the next 12 months? ‘An aggressive new business campaign’ was the answer I chose. You’ve been warned!

Meet the editors - what a good idea this is! Was pleased to receive and accept an invitation from PR Newswire (of whom à propos is only a very occasional client) to meet the American Editor of The Economist. Sounds lovely. And it’s free. Half a day later another email arrived inviting me to meet more editors - again, right on target for my sort of business and sounding really worthwhile. But, here’s the thing, the second invitation is from my own industry body, the CIPR, to whom I pay a handsome annual subscription. They’d like me to fork out £20 for their meet the editors bash. Seems a bit skewed, somehow.

 What’s your view?

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