Power Plate

Having noticed from idly glancing at my daughter’s ‘Heat’ magazine from time to time, I couldn’t fail to be aware of something called a Power Plate which is, it seems, the exercise accessory de nos jours for celebs with toned arms, tums and bums.  So imagine my excitement when two Power Plates suddenly appeared in my gym!

I signed up for an induction to this strange-looking piece of kit and today was the day.  Hear it first from me (and no, I don’t do the PR for it) it’s BRILLIANT!  You do different exercises in 30 second bursts which means I can probably fit an hour-long Pilates class into about five minutes!  Paul, the gym physiologist who took me through the work out told me that the Power Plate will increase my muscle fibre, improve circulation, loosen joints, speed up the elimination of toxins, massage tired muscles - it sounds better than a weekend at a spa!  And, dare I say it, a very good antidote for a night out with friends.

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