A Family Affair

Unless we’re very unlucky, we’re all more family-focussed at this time of year. Even if we’re merely reconnecting by sending a card, our extended families are in our thoughts. To a certain extendt the tradition of following one’s parents’ footsteps into the family business has disappeared, though it still gladdens my heart to see the legend ‘family butcher’ or ‘John Smith & Sons’ above a business premises. Family business can be great - or ghastly. We’ve all watched with horrid fascination the television series’ showing family businesses going terribly wrong, usually due to greed and incompetence.

But today I was very happy to visit, for only the second time, a family business which, from the customer’s point of view, has most certainly got it right. I hesitate to tell you its name in case it becomes so popular that I can’t get a table next time I want a first class meal in central London - but it’s the season of goodwill so I shall. Pattersons. Mill Street. London W.1. This family affair produces fabulous food accompanied by great service at sensible west end prices. What’s not to like? Today’s main course of smoked haddock on a bed of bubble and squeak with a properly poached egg coated with a delicately herbed hollandaise sauce was simply sublime.

Now, if all families could harness their talents to work together imagine what we could achieve .

Happy Christmas

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